Our firm offers a wide range of specialty engineering services, that solve complex design challenges, meet geometric complexities, engineer state-of-the-art materials, improve constructability, and solve difficult problems. We use an array of cutting-edge finite element analysis software and drafting tools to solve specialty engineering design problems.

Specialty Engineering

Our engineers work with building owners to provide project reviews including design criteria, performance objectives, constructability and value-engineering review.
If you are purchasing a building and need an engineers opinion on the structural stability of the premise or if you are a building owner and are concerned about a potential safety issue, we offer survey and investigation services.
We provide engineering design and analysis for mechanical equipment installed in or on buildings, ensuring the equipment is secure, stable and remains operational during and after a major seismic event.
Our engineers provide full connection design services to fabricators, construction managers, general contractors and owners. We use our design, fabrication and erection experience to develop safe economical connection solutions. Our engineers design gravity shear connections, braced frame connections, steel splice connections and moment frame connections.
Our engineers are experienced in designing with cold-formed metal studs used in curtainwall and load-bearing wall applications. We also offer shop drawings drafting services for light gauge stud contractors
Our engineers are available 24/7 to respond to structural emergencies. We provide services that include structural investigation for roof loading issues, damage assessment and design of repair recommendations to stabilize structures.
Our engineers provide full connection design services to fabricators for egress stair engineering and handrail design. Our finite element analysis experience also allows us to design monumental stairs.
Our engineers have the experience to design support systems for for sensitive medical systems like MRI's, CT machines, microscopes, X-Ray systems.
Our engineers practice a strong emphasis on maintaining the historical quality of the structures through non-invasive structural strengthening schemes. Innovation and creativity are essential when working with historic structures.
Our engineers have experience designing free-standing retaining walls, including: - Cast-in-place concrete walls - Reinforced masonry retaining walls - Gravity Walls - Segmental Retaining Walls - Sheet Pile Retaining Walls
At times private companies and government facilities require enhanced analysis and design against blasting and extreme loading effects. Our engineers have experience designing dynamic structures resistant to blast forces.