KSG's engineers provide our expertise to a variety of clients and on many levels. As consulting engineers, we collaborate with architectural firms of all sizes - whether they be individual small practices or larger design firms.  In addition to architects, we also consult directly to owners, contractors, fabricators and private developers to offer modular wood and steel design, construction engineering, pre-engineered buildings, renovations/modifications, peer review and value engineering, structural integrity investigations/forensic studies, and insurance reports.

The engineers at KSG have a strong, comprehensive knowledge of construction practices and a thorough understanding of building codes and materials. These qualities give KSG the ability to merge a great appreciation for architectural integrity with the understanding for economical and efficient design;  making KSG a valuable part of any design team.

Structural Engineering Services

Every new building project is important to us. From the beginning design phases through construction and ribbon cutting; each project is completed by the same project members from beginning to end. We've found that continuity in the team allows for a more cohesive project, and that our engineers and designers feel a sense of greater responsibility and pride toward their projects. Our designers and engineers are responsive, and committed to getting your project designed and built responsibly.
Our engineers are experts in:
- Podium Design
- Steel Construction
- Pile Foundations
- Modular Engineering
- Cast-in-Place Concrete Design and Flat Plate Construction
- Wood Engineering
- Masonry Engineering
- Light-Gauge Metal Stud Engineering
We are passionate about building re-use and preservation. Our firms location, in the Northeast area of the country, provides us with the opportunity to see and work with older structures on a regular basis. KSG offers expert services that include:
- Adaptive Re-use
- Vertical Expansions
- Additions
- Feasibility Studies
- Damage Assessment and Repair
- Integrity Investigations
- Retrofitting/Reinforcement
- Emergency response consultation
Our engineers have extensive experience working for industrial clients. Our many years of experience in the industrial sector have strengthened our knowledge of many different industrial structural applications, including:
- Warehouse Floor Loading Analysis
- Storage Mezzanine Design
- Isolated plinth and mat foundation analysis for Equipment support
- Cold-Storage Facility Design
- Hung Equipment Support Structures
- Catwalk design
- Mechanical equipment support structures
- Industrial tower design
- Dunnage Framing Support for new Rooftop Mechanical Units
- Heavy equipment support on mezzanines
- Heavy equipment support on mat and pile foundation supports
- Analysis of existing structures for Structural Capacity
- Deep Pile & Caisson Systems
- Shallow Spread Footings
- Mat Foundation Systems
- Structural slabs-on-ground
- Hydrostatic Resisting slabs
- Timber Pile Systems
- Helical Pile Systems
- Foundation Repairs
- Foundation Underpinning Design